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Bringing Gigabit Fiber Home

Introducing our new GigaCity fiber Internet service.

How Fast Is Hagerstown Fiber Gigabit Fiber? Crazy Fast!

Download an HD Movie (3000MB)

  • Hagerstown Fiber Gigabit (1000Mbps) Fiber downloads an HD movie in 24 seconds     100% 100%
  • Basic Cable (30Mbps) downloads an HD movie in 16 minutes     8% 8%
  • Verizon DSL (6Mbps) downloads an HD movie in 1 hour and 6 minutes     2% 2%
Why Fiber?
Fiber gives us the best opportunity to provide our customers with the fastest Internet connections possible.
What Speeds Can I Get?

We offer two residential options: 100M and up to 1Gig. These speeds are much faster than anything offered in Hagerstown today. Business plans include 100M, 250M and 1Gig connections.

Is It Expensive?

No! Residential prices are between $69.95 and $99.95 per month and business prices are from $99.95 to $199.95 per month. There are no data caps to add extra ‘hidden’ costs!

Are there data caps?

There are never any data caps with our service. Cut the cord from cable and stream until your heart's content! Play games, watch Netflix and Hulu, work in the cloud, all with the knowledge that you won't be hit with expensive overage charges.

Do I have to rent my wifi router?

We won't charge you hidden charges to rent your wifi router. Our one-time installation charge covers everything you need to get on the fastest Internet today.

Who Is Hagerstown Fiber?

The owners of Hagerstown Fiber have been providing Internet services in Hagerstown and the surrounding areas since 1996. We currently offer broadband Internet services in Hagerstown with speeds up 1 Gigabit. Our service has been up and running in parts of downtown since January 1st and this summer we expanded part of our downtown network as well as into the north end of town.

What About Phone Service?

Adding phone service is easy. Add phone service for just $24.95 per line. If you are a business and interested in our easy VOIP services, those are available too!

When Is This Available?

We are taking orders for this service RIGHT NOW in the downtown area and parts of the North End as well as in the WEST END of town. We are now installing new customers every day and can get you hooked up in the next week. We are also constructing additional areas of our network to expand coverage. If we don't cover you right now, we may in the very near future.

How Do I Sign Up Or Get More Information?

Please fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back in touch with you right away! You can also give us a call at 301-791-3800.

Is this like Verizon FiOS?

Sort of. Our fiber technology is similar to Verizon FiOS but we actually splice every connection so that you can obtain even better speed and connectivity. The end result is that we extend a fiber connection directly into your home or business. This connection is the absolute best Internet connectivity technology available right now.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal isn’t just to be the best local provider because being compared to other local providers isn’t a worthy goal. We strive to deliver an experience on par with the Amazons and Apples of the world. We want our customers to value their experience with us.

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Customer Reviews from our Facebook Page

NFS’s gigabit service is absolutely amazing. The install crew was very professional and they did a wonderful job. The service is blazing fast. Good bye Antietam Cable. I am a super satisfied customer. Just sign up! Do it now!

I got fiber installed at my studio today. Techs were super prompt, super friendly and knowledgeable! I love that when I called I got a person and not a phone tree! Great customer service and even with, for now the 100 mb option, my internet is zooming! Can’t wait for it to reach my neighborhood!!! Call them today!!

The install was very smooth and the technicians installed the equipment where we requested. Two weeks after the install, on a Saturday night, our 18 months old yanked the fiber out of the box and broke it off. I called Sunday morning and a tech was able to come fix it within the hour. Customer service is great!



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