Bringing Gigabit Internet Home
Now you have a choice!
Gigabit Internet for Just $99.95/mo.
No Data Caps means no limits to your experience!

How Fast Is Hagerstown Fiber Gigabit Fiber? Crazy Fast!

Hagerstown Fiber Gigabit (1000Mbps) Fiber
Downloads an HD movie in 24 seconds 100%
Basic Cable (30Mbps) downloads an HD movie in 16 minutes
Verizon DSL (6Mbps) downloads an HD movie in 1 hour and 6 minutes

100 Meg Internet

100 Mbps
$ 69

Per Month

  • Same download and upload speed
  • No Data Caps
  • Great for streamers
  • Free basic router
  • Add phone service for $25

Gigabit Internet

1000 Mbps
$ 99

Per Month

  • Same download and upload speed
  • No Data Caps
  • Great for gamers
  • Free basic router
  • Add phone service for $25

SmartHome Wifi

Whole Home WiFi Powered By Plume
$ 11

Per Month

  • Fast, reliable & consistant Internet
  • Parental controls & guest access
  • Security for devices
  • Block unwanted advertisements
  • **Requires one of our Internet plans

Customer Reviews from facebook

Hagerstown Fiber gigabit service is absolutely amazing. The install crew was very professional and they did a wonderful job. The service is blazing fast. Good bye Antietam Cable. I am a super satisfied customer. Just sign up! Do it now!
I got fiber installed at my studio today. Techs were super prompt, super friendly and knowledgeable! I love that when I called I got a person and not a phone tree! Great customer service and even with, for now the 100 mb option, my internet is zooming! Can’t wait for it to reach my neighborhood!!! Call them today!!
Holy smokes! This is amazing! We just had our installation completed this afternoon by a very professional team and I cannot believe how fast our internet is! My only disappointment is that we did not make the switch sooner. Thank you!!!
The install was very smooth and the technicians installed the equipment where we requested. Two weeks after the install, on a Saturday night, our 18 months old yanked the fiber out of the box and broke it off. I called Sunday morning and a tech was able to come fix it within the hour. Customer service is great!

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